1. Fault Tree - used for root CAUSE analysis
  2. Event Tree - identify WAYs
  3. CCA - Consequence Cause Analysis - combines the Event Tree and Fault Tree analysis to show both failure WAYS and CAUSES everything can fail. A complete failure perspective.
  4. Risk management plan -> risk breakdown structure -> risk register -> qualitative analysis -> quantitative analysis (expected monetary value) -> control for risk
  5. Risk Math
    1. Logical AND: multiply subordinate branch probabilities together.
    2. Logical OR: this one is a bit harder. 1-product of the complements. a complement is (1-probability). for example, suppose the probabilities of three subordinate branches are 20%, 30%, and 40%. the total branch probability is 1-(1-0.2)*(1-0.3)*(1-0.4).
    3. For more background check out Ted Lewis's book Critical Infrastructure Protection in Homeland Security: Defending a Networked Nation.


Error means different things to different sciences

Types of Error - Electrical Engineering

Types of Error - Biometrics / Access Control